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Susy's Stuff

313 Main St Spring

Welcome to Susy's Stuff.  Here you will find the most unique one of a kind jewelry and gifts handcrafted by Brazilian artisans.  Most of the items in our store are handcrafted, organic and recycled such as açaí seeds, vegetable ivory, golden grass, bicycle tires, recycled plastic bottle t-shirts and much more.

For the last 12 years we are working directly with a variety of crafters in Brazil who love when we place an order.

Four years ago, we were featured on Eyewitness News for a segment on our organic products. 

Vegetable Ivory is a seed from a palm tree known as Jarina (tagua in Spanish) and the ivory color meat gets very hard when dried being used to replace ivory in the manufacturing of dice, domino pieces, buttons, jewelry and figurines.

Golden Grass is a grass that only grows in Jalapão, state of Tocantins, that has a natural shiny gold color.  Therefore, it is called “capim dourado” which literally means Golden Grass.

Store Hours:

Monday & Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: 12noon - 5pm

Thursday & Friday: 11am - 5pm 

Saturday: 10am - 6pm

Sunday: 12noon - 5pm