Elixir Lounge Kava Bar*

206 Main St Spring

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Here at Elixir Lounge, we want to give you an experience that we guarantee you can’t find at your typical bars around town. If you’re tired of the traditional
bar scene, the same bar regulars, and what seems to be the same experience, then we urge you to give Elixir Lounge Kava Bar a try.


Aloha! Welcome to Elixir Lounge, a kava bar based in Houston, Texas. At Elixir Lounge, we believe in building a community through wellness and positivity. 

We opened Elixir Lounge with the intention of offering folks from all walks of life a cool spot to enjoy a night out without being pressured to consume alcohol. For many, an alternative to the Friday-night bar scene seemed out of reach. At Elixir Lounge, we offer kava drinks and other treats for those looking to boost their mood with the best alcohol alternatives.

We serve the highest-quality kava and other elixirs to melt away the worries of our busy lives. We care about what goes into our bodies, and we want to offer the best alcohol alternatives for the healthiest experience to our customers. Whether you’re coming to relax with a book, have a conversation with friends, play a board game with other patrons, or enjoying a special event, Elixir Lounge has something for everyone.


What Is A Kava Bar?

Kava, also known as yaqona, is a Pacific Island native root that has been used for centuries for its relaxing effects. It is said to produce a pleasant, mind-clearing, and even euphoric effect for those who drink it without side effects, making it a much healthier way to relax on the weekend than alcohol. In fact, kava is one of the most well-documented medicinal herbs that exist today that contains virtually no side effects. Of course, one should always take care not to consume anything in excess.

At Elixir Lounge, we started our little bar to provide wellness for everyone. Community, self-discovery, and connection are some of the most critical aspects of our lives. We want Elixir Lounge to channel the spirit of ohana for every one of our brothers and sisters, whether you’re a regular or not. If you’re looking for somewhere fun to relax on a weekend night in Houston, our elixir bar and lounge is the place for you. With kava and other delectable treats, we offer a safe and welcoming place for all. It does not matter what gender, age, or race you are! See what all the excitement is about! 

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