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Mallott's Hardware and Variety

115 Midway St Spring

NOTE: By Occupancy Codes we can have 2.3 people inside at one time. If you show up with 2.7 people, you’re just gonna have to wait! Let’s just make it easy and say 2 at a time will work fine!😎You can make an appointment by texting me at 713-299-1062 or just drop by and shop the outside till we can let you in. We also can bring things outside for you. See you then!


Mallott’s is a unique shop in the first brick building in Old Town Spring...the historic Spring State Bank. Built as a bank in 1917 it is now home to the best collection of stones, crystals, minerals and unusual home decor in town! From gemstone jewelry to antique tools to incense cauldrons, we have an amazing selection of things you’ll love to live with. And, we are just a few steps from Wunsche Brothers Saloon and Cafe!

Store Hours:

Monday - Wednesday: Closed

Thursday - Sunday: 10am - 5pm

or call for an appointment