A Brief History of Old Town Spring

Spring, a picturesque shopping village today was once a bustling town, populated by farmers, railroad works and sawmill laborers. Spring's agrarian roots date to 1837 when German immigrants sailed into Galveston and moved West to places like Spring where land was plentiful and cheap. The railroads cam also, in 1900 two lines stretch through Spring from Houston north. Supposedly, railroad workers gave Spring its name by declaring that the season changed from winter to spring when workers laid tracks through the town.

The railroad industry brought business and a boom. The need for building materials attracted sawmills and sawmill folks swelled the town. By 1912, Spring had mushroomed. As fast as it grew, Spring fell. In the 1920's, Prohibition closed the saloons, the roundhouse moved, and the Great Depression settled in.  After 40 years of lethargy, Spring revived as entrepreneurs came into town.  Since 1970, Spring has acquired stores, specialty shops and eateries. Enjoy Old Town Spring. But remember that here, a century ago, the real town of Spring, with its lively citizenry, thrived and grew!

History of Spring, courtesy of Margaret Mallott Smith and the Spring Historical Museum.